Tire Service at Performance Ford

Tire Service in West Covina



Mile after mile, your tires carry you to your destination. They run over asphalt, gravel, maybe even dirt and sand. You require a lot of your tires, which is why you should care for them with regular service at Performance Ford. When the time comes to replace them with a new set, you can trust us to find the right option for your budget and needs.

Tread Wear

Regular maintenance on tires includes checking the tread. Once the tread wears down too low, the tires can’t grip the pavement as well, which can cause sliding and an accident. Good tread is necessary for safety and performance.

You also want to make sure the tread is wearing evenly on the entire width of the tire. If the tire wears unevenly, it may be an indication of a suspension or wheel issue. For instance, the tire may wear more on the inside or outside of the tire. Many times, this tells you that a wheel alignment is needed.

When you bring your vehicle to the service department of Performance Ford, they will check the tire tread and let you know if they see a problem. You can also drop by for a tread check if you have concerns.

Proper Tire Maintenance

You should check the air pressure on the tires regularly. When a tire isn’t inflated properly, it can cause excess wear and lead to a flat tire. You should check the air pressure at least once a month because it can change with changing temperatures or other factors. The tires shouldn’t be over-inflated or under-inflated.

Have your tires rotated regularly to help the tread wear more evenly. The owner’s manual will let you know how often you should schedule a tire rotation.

When you come to Performance Ford for service, the technicians will check the air pressure. You can also schedule a tire rotation.

Getting Your Tires Replaced

In time, you will need to replace your tires. Sometimes, it happens because of a flat that can’t be repaired. Other times, the tread may have worn down, which means it is dangerous to drive on the tires.

You can trust Performance Ford for all your tire needs, including purchasing a brand-new set. We carry a large selection of brands and sizes to fit every budget.

Our tires come with warranties, which also impacts the price. Some tires may offer a 30,000-mile warranty while others may come with an 80,000-mile coverage. We mount and balance the tires when you purchase them from us. We offer special deals and discounts, and you can often save money when you replace all four tires at once.

Your tires are a necessary part of your vehicle, and they are part of the safety for all your travels. Make sure you choose a tire that will protect you no matter where you go and care for it with regular service.

Stop by Performance Ford for your next tire service or purchase. Let us keep you moving along safely.