Ford Service Pickup & Delivery in West Covina, CA

When you need to service your Ford, you might have trouble finding an opening in your schedule. After all, it can be difficult to go without your car for even a day, as you might already have plans in motion and errands that you’ll need to run. If you want to simplify your next service, you’ll want to look into our pickup and delivery options at Performance Ford.

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Ford Service Pickup and Delivery

Service Pickup & Delivery FAQ


Can I Still Come in Person?

You can always choose to drop your vehicle off the conventional way if you choose. We do encourage drivers to schedule ahead though, as this will make sure that our mechanics are ready to deal with your specific issue when you arrive. If you’re near Montebello, West Covina, or Glendora, you can always head to Performance Ford when you need a quick and reliable repair.

Why Would I Choose Pickup and Delivery?

Pickup and delivery might make sense for drivers who don’t have the time to get their models to the dealership otherwise. For example, if you’re constantly working, we’ll be able to take your vehicle while you’re at work. Depending on the service, your model may have already been delivered by the time you’re off the clock. This allows you to enjoy your time when you get home, instead of racing to the dealership for an oil change or other service.

What If I Have Questions?

If you need to reach us at any point, you can contact us. You can choose to contact us online, or you can call us. We have all our main numbers listed on the side of this page for your convenience, including our service department. We also have our store hours listed, so you’ll know when we’re ready to service you.

How Long Does Service Normally Take?

This will entirely depend on what you’re coming in for, as something like an oil change is going to take a lot less time than replacing your serpentine belt. This is why it’s helpful to drop your model off, as you won’t have to worry about waiting in the lobby. Our mechanics can give you an estimate for the specific service that your car needs.

How Will I Know the Service Is Finished?

At Performance Ford, we’ll be able to contact you as soon as your service is finished so that you’re constantly kept in the loop. We know it can be uncomfortable to go without your model, which is why we’ll be updating you through text, email, or a phone call depending on your preference.

What If I Need to Suddenly Cancel?

We understand that things may come up randomly. If you suddenly need your model for the day, and you’ve previously scheduled service ahead of time, we ask that you call us and let us know. This way, we can cancel your appointment promptly and if you’d like, we can help you reschedule it at a later date.

What About the Distance?

We aim to serve as many drivers as possible at Performance Ford, but there are limits to how far we can go to pick up your model. We’ll be able to let you know if your model is out of our range before you schedule your service.

If you’re in need of service, you can schedule your appointment online at Performance Ford.