Oil Changes at Performance Ford

Quality Oil Change in West Covina, CA



Get your oil changes done at Performance Ford and keep your vehicle running smoothly. You want your Ford to perform reliably and be at its best as you drive around West Covina, Baldwin Park, and El Monte. Our service team will take care of one of the most important maintenance tasks for vehicle upkeep around your schedule.

Oil Changes are Important

Getting regular oil changes is one of the best things you can do for your Ford to keep it operating at its prime. Because the oil acts as a lubricant as it makes its way around the engine, it helps the system run more smoothly and efficiently. Since there is less friction with the oil, there is less wear on the engine and components.

As the oil cycles through time and time again, it loses its viscosity, making it less effective. At the same time, the oil filter allows the oil to flow while trapping dust, dirt and grime to protect the engine. The filter will eventually get clogged and need to be replaced. If this isn’t done periodically, the oil has a more difficult time passing through, which can cause the engine to work harder.

If you don’t have your oil and filter changed as you should, it could lead to engine damage. The technicians at Performance Ford know the right type of oil to use for your Ford, whether it is a synthetic oil or synthetic blend because they have been trained by Ford.

Get the Works

When you visit Performance Ford for an oil change, more happens than just getting the oil and filter changed. If you request The Works, your Ford gets a complete checkup to ensure it continues to operate for you like it should. Your vehicle will receive the oil change as well as a pressure check for the tires and rotation, inspection of brakes, battery test, fluids check, and a multi-point inspection. The technician will also check the filter, belts, and hoses to see if any need replaced.

With The Works, you can rest assured that your Ford has been thoroughly checked before you get back on the road again. You can feel confident driving your vehicle, knowing that any obvious issues would be taken care of.

Convenient Service

Here at Performance Ford, we work around your busy schedule to ensure your Ford is cared for as recommended by the manufacturer. It is a fast process to get an oil change, and you can drop by anytime during our business hours for same-day service. Wait in a comfortable waiting area with complimentary Wi-Fi to continue working or pass the time.

You can also go online and schedule service at a day and time that works for you. For newer models, use FordPass to remind you of appointments or to schedule your oil change.

Let Performance Ford help you keep your Ford car, truck, or SUV in prime condition for as long as you own the vehicle. We strive for exceptional customer service with every visit and treat every customer like part of the Ford family.