F-250 VS. F-350

F-250 VS. F-350

Ford F-250 or Ford F-350?

The Ford F-Series is known for its great looks, dependability, and unique features. But when you are looking for a truck that will deliver on some unbelievable capabilities, the F-250 and F-350 leave their little brother in the dust. The Super Duty lineup is just that, the superstars of the Ford truck stable. While these two beasts are relatively the same animal as far as the size and features inside, the power is very different.

The F-250 Does Many Things Well

For starters, the F-250 is a more economical truck. In a straight comparison, it is going to be a few grand less than a similarly equipped F-350. And that includes having the same engine as the 350 model. You also have the same engine options in the 250 with two gas choices and the 6.7L turbo diesel. The towing capacity of the F-250 comes in a bit over the 20,000-pound range, which is plenty for the average truck owner.

Both the 250 and 350 are heavy-duty trucks, so nimble is not a term that is ever used for either of them. But when you take a careful look at the handling and ride of each, the F-250 does come out on top as the more graceful of the two behemoths. The ride and size of the F-250 make it perfect for the open road, but it can be a bit of a challenge to navigate small city streets.

When you compare the technology and connectivity, the two trucks are just about twins. But as with most twins, one is a bit bigger. In this case, the 350 is obviously larger and more capable in terms of raw power. But they are identical in driver-assist features, Co-Pilot 360, and the FordPass Connect with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

Where The F-350 Shines

The F-350 is a beefed-up version of the F-250. It is built on the same great platform to offer all the space and creature comforts of the 250, but with more power to tackle the most challenging jobs. The towing capacity tops out at an unbelievable 37,000 pounds, and the payload limit on the F-350 is over 7,800 pounds. One of the critical factors that allow the F-350 to haul these incredible loads is that it offers a dually option that the F-250 does not have.

The Deciding Factor

Both the F-250 and F-350 deliver on space for passengers and creature comforts. In addition, they both give you much the same impressive look on the exterior. What you need to decide is how much work you want from your new Super Duty. If you are ready to save a few grand and keep your towing capacity at around 20k pounds, the F-250 is your pick. However, if you want to haul a massive 18 plus ton load, the F-350 is the truck for you.

To test drive the F-250 and F-350, visit Performance Ford for a little head-to-head competition. It could be tough deciding which one to take home to Azusa or Baldwin Park.