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Commercial Vehicles at Performance Ford

Start or add to your fleet with commercial vehicles from Performance Ford. Commercial Ford models offer strength, power, versatility, and reliability for every workday. You can find out more about the available options when you visit Performance Ford.

Ford SuperDuty

Save Money with Your Fleet

Ford offers several benefits for businesses that buy commercial vehicles. Fleet Equalization and Commercial Bonus Cash are two programs that work in conjunction with each other. Total fleet incentives are added together and compared to retail incentives. If the retail is higher, Ford makes up the difference in savings to ensure the commercial customer gets the best deal. Fleet incentives start at $500 and can go up to $5500 or even higher.

Tax Savings on New Ford Commercial Vehicles

Take advantage of Section 179 of the IRS tax code, especially if you are a small business or new company just starting. This section allows you to take a deduction immediately for new vehicles instead of spreading the depreciation out over time. This part of the tax code can help you save money upfront by lowering your income in the same year you added an asset.

Because you require your commercial vehicle to work the way you do business, it’s important to be able to upfit it to meet your needs. We offer savings on upfitting with a list of upfitters to add the features and customization necessary to make the Ford vehicle part of your team.

Parts and Service for Your Fleet

Here at Performance Ford, we know how important it is to maintain and repair your vehicles and keep them in service. Regular service improves performance, extends the life of the vehicle, and increases resale value. As a Ford commercial customer, you can reduce the time it takes to get your vehicle serviced, which also reduces the downtime you may experience.

With Ford Fleet Care, you can consolidate monthly service and repairs into one bill, which saves time in your accounting. For added convenience, Ford Rotunda is your comprehensive online solution for service needs.

The Ford Commercial Family

Ford provides a vast selection of commercial models to suit businesses of all sizes in various industries. From trucks to vans, we have a model for what you need.

Ford Transit Connect

This model is a compact van, which is easy to maneuver around tight alleys and busy city streets. A large cargo area allows you to upfit it in a variety of ways. You can also utilize the large side panels for a company name and logo.

Ford E-Transit

Ford has added to its commercial van line with the electric version, which can be found as a chassis cab, cargo van, or cutaway. Choose from three roof heights and lengths while accessing the largest public charging network around the continent.

Ford E-Series Cutaway

This model features a body-on-frame design to provide a strong foundation for use as a school bus, shuttle bus, delivery van, ambulance, and other applications. A new module for the upfitter interface makes it more straightforward to adjust for many industries.

Ford Super Duty

Rugged design and impressive towing make the Super Duty a practical choice for all kinds of work. Choose between gasoline and diesel engines to give you the power for towing a heavy load of supplies and equipment.

Ford Chassis Cab

Make the Chassis Cab work for you with numerous options. An available V8 engine provides ample power to take on more challenges. Advanced safety technology keeps you safe when working long days or in hard conditions. Ford Telematics lets you know important data for your fleet vehicles.

Ford Stripped Chassis

Enjoy even more customization options with a stripped chassis. A heavy-duty steel frame can withstand more stress with easy upfitting for a range of industries. A powerful 7.3L V8 engine can pull a heavy load to get the job done.

Ford E-Series Stripped Chassis

This model is also upfit-friendly with a range of wheelbases to be the right size for your business. You also have the option of a 7.3L V8 or an economy-rated version for this model to make it even more efficient.

Get to know these models and what being a Ford fleet customer means. Stop by Performance Ford today!