2021 Ford E-Transit

2021 Ford E-Transit



The new 2021 E-Transit is beating the competition in West Covina and throughout California with its complete ecosystem of charging, software, and product solutions that enhance seamless business transition. The vehicle’s cutaway models, chassis cab, three body lengths, and three roof heights give you a similar work-ready machine you can count on. Performance Ford will show you how this vehicle’s ability will help you achieve sustainable goals with its connected technologies.

Power of Choice

The current gas model of the new 2021 E-Transit boasts eight all-electric configurations in addition to the already best-in-class total, giving you so many choices in electric work vans. Enjoy the improved interior walk-through and a highly functional interior, whether using an e-brake on the instrument panel to replace the manual parking brake lever or utilizing a new rotary shifter to redesign the center console. As you move around your van, you can get even more headroom with its available above rear shelf delete. And you don’t have to compromise cargo space and get the benefits of electricity even as you integrate the battery underneath the vehicle body. Get the job done and feel comfortable using every inch of that space with the 4,290 lbs. on cutaway, 4,250 lbs. on chassis cab, regular wheelbase, and a cargo van low roof all-out targeted payload of 3,800 lbs.

Wholesome Charging Solutions

Ford has got you covered with the new 2021 E-Transit’s ecosystem of charging solutions, whether at home or on the road, or your fleet of vehicles is at the depot. Get a complete charge overnight through the various solutions to charge your fleet at home. Through Ford Commercial Solutions, you can enjoy features like charge usage data, which alerts you if your van is not charging or supports driver reimbursement. As for the public charging, you can ensure maximum time and control costs by accessing charging data and get the help to manage your fleet’s payments and activation through Ford Commercial Solution.

Built for Business

Get ahead of the competition and take on jobs other businesses can’t while reducing operating costs and enjoy the necessary help your business needs using the new 2021 E-Transit. Your van can operate where it is impossible for core combustion engines with zero emissions. As such, you can attain your sustainable goals while taking your business where it could never go before. Since you get a whisper-quiet powertrain that lets you operate in noise restriction areas, you can work almost any day or night, anytime, and anywhere. Plus, you will see a smart move in electrifying with less scheduled maintenance and zero trips to the pump.

Let Technology Work for You

Stay connected on the job and on the go, maximize productivity, get easy-to-access vehicle information, and keep up with the new 2021 E-Transit’s smart and latest technologies. Get info about your vehicles and who drives them with the Ford Commercial Solutions that even enables a seamless switch to electric. You can react while managing your fleets with notifications through Ford Telematics. And if you want to monitor the battery’s state of charge or range, you can count on Ford Commercial Solutions.

Visit Performance Ford to take your Montebello business to the next level with the new 2021 E-Transit’s impressive features.